Hi, I'm Timothy Conroy!

I’m a senior product designer & generalist with 10 years of experience shipping and marketing consumer software products. I want to build meaningful things with great teams.

Ogment Capabilities Brochure
A 28 page brochure explaining the capabilities of Ogment.
Art Direction, Graphic Design, Production
Ogment Promo Video
A promotional video to touch on key pain points that teachers and administrators have in a school environment.
Story boarding, Art Direction, Complete production
SAPNet Brochure
The SAPNet platform is a cloud-based learning management system and publishing platform that works in any language, on any device, anywhere. Turn textbooks into highly interactive learning modules and assessments—transforming traditional learning into a learning experience.
Art Direction, Graphic Design
Ogment 1.0 Website
Proposed marketing website for Ogment
Web Design, Creative Direction
Ogment Website
Website comps for the launch of Ogment 2.0
Art Direction, Graphic Design, UI/UX
EvoText Website
Marketing website for EvoText
Branding, UI/UX, Creative Direction
EvoText Promo Video
Promotional Video for EvoText
Branding, Creative Direction, story boards
Ready Website
Marketing / Product login website for the product Ready.
Art Direction, UI/UX
i-Ready Demo Video
Demo of the i-Ready web application.
Art Direction, Design, Multimedia
BRIGANCE iPad Demo Video
A teaser video promoting the BRIGANCE IED II iPad app.
Art Direction, complete recording and production
BRIGANCE iPad app PostCard
BRIGANCE iPad app promotional postcard.
Art Direction, Design, Production
BRIGANCE Head Start Post Card
Promotional postcard for the BRIGANCE Head Start product
Design, Art Direction, Production