Conduct a short study, involving 1 survey to receive feedback and gather data on the new feature. This study and the data we receive will help inform us what users feel is most important in terms of Gig alert features.
Research Questions
• How easy to use is this feature?
• How helpful is this feature?
• Unmoderated survey through
• Sampled 30 job seekers in mobile and desktop
• All samples within the US
• Done in English
1. Please select the button to + job alert which will open up the alert dialog. **Move on to the next step when you're ready.**
2. Please take the action(s) you think that will allow you create an alert for a Gig Economy Job.
Share your thoughts out loud as you complete the task.
Don't talk about the app itself. Instead, talk about your experience [Success: Yes, No] [5-point rating scale: Very difficult to Very easy]
3. Overall, how unsatisfied (1) or satisfied (7) are you with the process? Explain your answer. [7-point Rating scale: Not at all satisfied to Very satisfied]
4. Were you frustrated by the process at a point?

Share your final comments or thoughts on the process.
• Participants completed the task successfully 25/30 or 83%
• Participants found the task very easy at 75% 
• Average time to complete the task was :30 seconds
• Overall participants felt the task was straight forward and simple • Few did ask about customizing the search such as doordash or uber

Comments From Testers
Mooochy93 - “So I'm interested in a gig economy, job location, New York. Uh, I could turn alerts on if I wanted or off. Um, I imagine if I had them on, they would like send me an email. Um, so I'm hit save.”
summerinthecity - “I would check off, I'm interested in gig economy jobs, um, set my country and location great. That's done. Um, and then click save and it looks like my alert is now set and it's active. So that was great. That was a, that was really easy to do. Um, and also fast too”
squaline - “So I guess it set this up, but then I'm wondering like gig economy jobs can mean a lot of different things. Like how do I customize what type? Like I would want to be able to make it a little more specific. 'cause for instance, like I'm not gonna be doing like DoorDash or anything like that, but on the other hand I might do, you know, some kind of gig jobs with um, illustration or something like that.”
RK$ - “Nice, nice. I nice. Now you're presumably every gig economy job in New York City, you're gonna get an alert about, that's probably gonna be a lot. Um, but I wonder how you'd be able to filter that down from there.”
Main Frustration Points Were
Lack of customization options: Some users were frustrated by the limited options to customize their job alerts. They wanted more control over preferences, such as specific job types, industries, or locations.
General feedback on website usability: While some users were frustrated initially, others found the overall website easy to use and navigate. They appreciated the simplicity and effectiveness of the interface.
Main Takeaway
1. Users found the process easy and convenient, praising its simplicity for setting up job alerts.
2. There is a strong desire for more customization options, particularly the ability to filter gig economy job alerts for specific job types. 
3. Users provided positive feedback about the interface's ease and expressed appreciation for the opportunity to provide their insights.

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