After logging on, a student would see a list of items that were assigned to them. This assessment is coming up so the students are not yet allowed to start the assessment.
When it's the correct time for the class to access the assessment the students are presented with a button to enter the test.
Students are presented with a page to wait until everyone in the class is ready. This is important for time based assessments and to give teachers time to deal with issues if students are having tech related issues. Once all set the teacher can release the test to the class.
Students are presented with a clear page during their assessment. Hints of the previous and next pages appear on the left and right hand sides of the screen. That left / right navigation is reinforced with the arrows at the bottom.
When students review their work they can clearly see what answer was wrong and what the correct answer was.
At anytime during the assessment students can jump to other questions.
Once the student answers all of the questions they are presented with an option to review their test or submit it.
At the end of the assessment students can easily see which questions they got wrong and right. Visual indicators were added for 508 compliance.

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