Project Title
Allow users to experience a mock interview using ChatGPT.
I was the Lead UX Designer throughout the project. My responsibilities included research on the competition, designing user flows, visual design, incorporating product feedback into design iterations.
Project Summary
The product team, while developing a job tracker for users to manage their job applications, also considered incorporating a feature that allows users to experience a mock interview using ChatGPT. This feature aims to help users prepare effectively for their upcoming interviews.
• Are we licensing ChatGPT?
• Will this use the job that the user applied to as the basis for the questions asked?
• Does the user have to participate in the mock interview or can they just see the results of question and answer and use those results to prepare?
• Does the user have any control over the prompt being used?
• Can we control the chat and prevent a one sentence answer?
ChatGPT Prompt Used
Can you do a mock interview with me for a {senior product designer} role? You ask the questions, I'lI share my answers, and you give me feedback. Please ask only one question to begin.
• Product liked the early direction of this mock interview comp.
• It was exactly what they needed to get buy-in from the executive team.
Next Steps if Project is Flagged for Development
1. Use these initial designs to interview users on what they think about the practicality of this. Would they participate in a mock interview? Is there a concern about answering questions and not fully understanding where your answers are going? Are there privacy concerns?
2. Make some changes based on user feedback.
3. Do a usability test with users and adjust designs as necessary
4. Present again to the product group.

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