Problem: Curriculum documents contain educational standards that come from state or federal officials. Publishers need an easy way to convert a document from one state to another (crosswalk) so that the intent of the document remains but the standards change based on the state the document is being converted to. 
Progress of some sketches
Modal Option
This modal option was tried first to see if could easily guide the user through the document.
Walkthrough at top of page
After learning that document context was needed while performing the crosswalk, the guide was put at the top of the page.
Lefthand position
Moving the guide to the lefthand side of the page allowed for a side by side comparison, but it still didn't feel like it was guiding the user on what to do next. 
Lefthand position with visual guide
Sectioned arrows were added to visually guide the user on what to do next. Read the original standard, compare it to what is being suggested as its replacement, then choose an action on what to do. 
Optional notes can be added
Within the flow there needed to a simple way to add a note as to why the user made this decision or a note to themselves to look into this crosswalk further.
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